Monday, February 25, 2008

the academy of motion picture arts and sciences

...still has some 'splainin' to do, if you ask me, but all in all I was okay with the Oscars last night. Tilda Swinton is possibly the coolest girl on the planet, from wearing that weird Uncle Arthur-y black smoking jacket thing to wearing, apparently, no makeup, to giving George Clooney grief about his stint as Batman. I kind of wanted Julie Christie to win best actress, but everyone I know who saw "La Vie En Rose" said that Cotillard woman was amazing, so I'm okay with that. Let's hear it for Diablo Cody, who managed to look just like every woman I've seen at a Lawrence wedding in the last 5 years (i.e., bare arms with marginally inappropriate tattoos, dyed hair in a Louise Brooks bob, red-red lipstick). And Javier Bardem, taking time out to apologize for rockin' the Prince Valiant 'do in the movie role of his life thusfar. And who was that girl with Viggo Mortensen? Was it his daughter with Exene Cervenka? Because that kid is going to be the coolest girl on the planet when Tilda Swinton decides to abdicate. *** this just in: my sister informs me that the girl is Viggo's niece, Sydney. Viggo and Exene have a son but no daughters. Apparently, Henry Mortensen is a DJ, a poet, and attends Columbia University. Thanks, Wikipedia! This has no bearing on the fact that Sydney is going to be a very cool young woman when she grows up. ***

Still, AMPAS, I wanna rumble with you, because there is no way that "GoodFellas" was not the best movie that year that you all went with "Dances With Wolves." Dorks.
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