Thursday, October 22, 2009

the military-industrial-entertainment complex

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hey there, hi there, ho there -- I just realized that I have been HORRIBLY lax about updating this, so here's the short version.

The store moved.
Kelly broke some bones by falling off a ladder.
I had a terrible case of poison ivy.
I broke a toe.
There was one day where Finnegan would not stop barfing. The solution, according to a vet, was to feed him some cough medicine. This led to Finnegan not stopping barfing, and now barfing in a vivid, Technicolor red. We are still working on getting the carpets back to normal.
My sister had a baby. It is a girl. Her name is Emerson.
I am going to enter the Pillsbury Bake-Off.
I got the flu. I think it was H1N1, but that may just be wishful thinking, because it seems more daring.
I recovered from the flu.
I made apple butter, pumpkin butter, elderberry tincture, and Danish. (These were not all part of the same recipe.)
People were apparently tortured during the Bush Administration by being forced to listen to music including Metallica, Britney Spears and the BeeGees. In short -- the Bush Administration would have apparently saved money and time by locking their detainees at my house. There would have been no waterboarding, and I could have tried out my Pillsbury BakeOff recipes on them.
I continue to be mystified by pretty much everything.

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