Thursday, April 17, 2008

that gum you like is coming back in style

I try to stay away from the politics here, but seriously? Worst debate I've ever seen. Makes me embarrassed to be a part of the profession to which I've devoted 20 years.

Who thought it would be a good idea to let Stephanopoulos -- who was on the freaking Clinton payroll, for crying out loud -- ask questions at this thing?

Who thought it would be a good idea for him to ask a question about the flipping Weather Underground, apparently suggested by none other than the august, wise, non-agenda-oriented, utterly fair and with-no-axe-to-grind Sean Hannity? I was hoping his followup would be on the Symbionese Liberation Army, or possibly Tupac Amaru. Whip inflation now! Dig that crazy new single by the Average White Band! Didja see my new macrame plant-holder? Wanna come over and see my pet rock?

Charlie Gibson -- what? Seriously, if you are that heated up over the capital gains tax (at least, heated up that apparently you are going to have to pay it at some point), you need to get someone else to host this debate.

The question on "What would you ask George W. Bush to do after he leaves office?" I hated both responses to this question. I thought they were disrespectful. There is a correct answer to this question: it is "I would ask him what he would like to do, and then have him do it." A runner-up: "I would ask him to be in charge of promoting faith-based initiatives."

All in all, I am so angry at ABC I cannot see straight. Way to go, shill-bots. Next time they have a debate on ABC, I think the moderators should just spout non-sequiturs from "Twin Peaks." It would be about as informative and enlightening.
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